i'm a food writer based in new york city.

my writing and recipes appear in the washington post, epicurious, npr, eater, resy, atlas obscura, and more. i've also contributed to the gravy podcast from the southern foodways alliance and the award-winning podcast racist sandwich.

funnily enough, i got my start in food at my college's radio station, where i worked a 5 am blues music show and launched a food podcast called gouda talks, hence my social media handles!

here's a bit more about me: i'm a third generation chinese american who hails from san francisco. my interests are always in flux but i *currently* love modern dance, short stories and novels, the broken social scene, ancient food, web design, and discovering new cookbooks. in fact, in a previous life, i coded a lot and worked with elections data, interactive graphics, and maps at places like npr and the washington post.

i love dualisms in all forms. so much so that my degree is in statistics and folklore and mythology, which means i studied everything from data visualization and bayesian statistics to internet folklore and mesopotamian recipes.

you can find my one-page resume here and reach me at heyjesseng@gmail.com. and keep up with my journey on social media @goudatalks, let's be friends!