how many votes have been counted in undecided states: worked with npr politics during election week on a constantly updating graphic

portraits of resilience, how 19 women around the globe face the pandemic: collaborated with npr goats and soda on an interactive navigation header and the page design and development

mail-in voting rules by state interactive: worked with the npr politics desk on an interactive map and table about early voting deadlines

swing voters and turnout graphics article: worked with the washington post graphics team to show how voter margin and turnout could get biden and trump to 270 electoral votes

asian am activists: a young organizer's guide to 16 inspiring asian american activists, winner of the yung aaja storytelling competition

WTF is CDA: an interactive explainer about the communications decency act, Section 230 for berkman klein student assembly fellowship

shoot your three point shot: analyzing trends in the ncaa 3 point shooting from 2003 to 2019

espn internship project: built multiple article page react components for new releases of and

the bechdel test: visualizing gender representation in hollywood film using d3.js

fallas paredes (faulty walls): graphics and map for a stories from the border photo essay

getting unstuck: visualizing learning with scratch data in d3.js for creative computing lab

women in tech chrome tab: learn about women in STEM, one tab at a time

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misc projects

jess and inanna, a mesopotamian cooking adventure: a cookbook that researches, reconstructs and photographs the oldest recipes in the world from my kitchen

the racist sandwich podcast: writing the biweekly newsletter for an award-winning podcast